About The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a system of kinaesthetic learning which offers a radical approach to long-term muscle pain, harmful posture and under-performance.  The basis of the work is a set of skills learned in one-to-one weekly sessions. These embody the concept of “primary control” uncovered by F.M. Alexander over a century ago, as well as the potential for an “endless process of growth” described by Professor John Dewey.  They are taught by gentle micro-manipulation and instruction, and address the root cause of such problems.

Anna Cooper has received referrals from rheumatologists and neuro-surgeons for difficult cases.

In 2008 the British Medical Journal stated that for lower back pain the Technique was cost-effective and also showed benefits 12 months after treatment; it was recommended for NHS funding.

In 2015 the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that the Alexander Technique was effective in reducing neck pain, including 12 months later.

In 2016 a scientific study provided validation for Alexander’s Primary Control principle.

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Professional Membership

Anna Cooper is a member of the of The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council.

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